What If?

What if Qtip never lost his wallet in El Segundo?
What if G Dep only made a regular delivery?
What if Black Sheep decided to make the choice for you?
What if men actually cared about the definition of coercion without being scared of what we would have to reconcile with ourselves?
What if 50 Cent only asked 19 questions?
What if we recognized that consent needs to be informed, expressly stated, and can be taken away at any time?
What if MC Lyte knew that paper covers rock?
What if we understood how power and influence works? What if we recognize that we see it as primarily male, but don’t bother to consider if those powerful and influential men know that and use it to their benefit?
What if we understood what kinds of situations were toxic and called them that instead of labeling them how things were?
What if Kwame was polygamous?
What if we realized that the media (we so often blame for how Black life is perceived) is also responsible for how we think of legacy? That positive contributions live in us. That lots of money has dedicated to the study and chronicling of folklore. That historically the people were responsible for the carrying of critical cultural information. That the battling of representation in outlets they control is a dastardly trick. That accomplishments and contributions are not how you define people. That we have made that a costume that hides tragedy and pain, personal and inflicted on others.
What if Juvenile wasn’t curious?
What if we valued love, respect, compassion, and agency?
What if DMX liked cats?
What if we stopped refusing to believe in cognitive dissonance?
What if we realized we don’t listen well?
What if Herbie Luv Bug didn’t like condiments?
What if we listened to Black women?
What if we listened to children?
What if Titty Boi hated jewelry?
What if we wanted all of us to win? Even if that means those who do harm have to answer for that harm because we can’t win if we aren’t dedicated to responsibility and accountability. Because power and patriarchy….
What if Drake was only a little bit gone?
What if we prioritized healing and learning?
What if Goodie Mob was in love with McDonalds?
What if Andre Young had got a job as a DARE counselor?
What if we knew we could win?
What if we knew we could win?
What if?


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